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Product Overview

   Its time to get organized and work smarter with Prep Dek modular work tables. Manufactured with ridgid birch plywood and featuring patented FIXMYSTAND release lever hardware. These tables are built to last and compatible with Dewalt series mitersaw stands these tables attach and release from the stand the same as the any saw.   Allowing you to setup your workstation and take it down quickly.  

  Each table is designed to sit at the same flush height as the saw deck of 4 13/16in (standard dewalt deck).  This allows you to utilize the table surface for making cope cuts or other prep work while performing carpentry tasks.  Each table has an internal cavity that meshes with a milwaukee packout bin(not included).  Which helps to keep your tools and hardware organized at an easy arms reach while also keeping them out of the way when cutting.  The packout lid top sits flush with the prep dek top.  So once you insert a packout bin the entire top surface becomes a flush table top work surface. 

   This Prep Dek kit comes complete with 2 tables (one for each side of your saw) and 2 patent pending outrigger adapters.   This allows the tables to be deployed and adjusted at any location along the entire length of the stand.  So whether youd like the tables next to the saw its self or spaced further away we have it covered.


2 x Assembled "Prep Dek" Tables (Milwaukee packout not included) Each table measures 27 x 20 x 6 and weighs 4lbs

2 x Patent pending outrigger adapters

1 x Lifetime Replacement Warranty

1 x Free Domestic Shipping

*Please note that this is a popular product and may carry a 10 business day lead time during periods of high demand*

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